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7:30 - 13:00

5.5 hrs


13:00 - 18:00

5 hrs

Full Day

7:30 - 18:00 

10.5 hrs




We offer the following choice of sessions and require that you select a minimum of 10 hours per week.  To calculate your monthly fee estimate, add up the cost of sessions you require in a week then multiply this by 51 weeks and divide by 12 months.

Prices Fixed until September 2023.

We Offer: 

  • Fees are inclusive of all meals, snacks & formula milk

  • 10% sibling discount to the eldest child if siblings attend

  • 5% discount for full time placement

  • 2yr (15 hr) funding and 3yr (15 & 30 hr) funding available, please ask for more details or download our prospectus


Please visit to check the options available to you to reduce your childcare costs.  This includes your eligibility for ‘Tax Free Childcare’ and any funding entitlement.

2 year old funding

Some 2yr olds can get 15hrs free nursery education.  You have to meet certain qualifying criteria e.g. earn below a certain threshold, or if your child has a statement of Special Educational Needs.  Please ask us for further details and availability.

3-4 year old 15hrs funding

Regardless of your income, from the start of the term following your child’s 3rd birthday, every child is entitled to 15hrs funded nursery education.  We require that you spread this entitlement over 51 weeks.

3-4 year old 30hrs funding

With both parents working and earning between a lower and upper threshold, your child may be entitled to an additional 15hrs funded childcare equating to 30hrs of funding.  We require that you spread this entitlement over 51 weeks.

Please refer to our prospectus or speak to a member of staff for more information and ask for our Funding Leaflet.