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During their time in this room children become more independent and show increased confidence in themselves and start to form relationships.

We fully support the toilet training process, instigated at your request. Our staff are experienced and committed to working alongside you.

This space also boasts a reading nook, a quiet space and an activity table where the children make their masterpieces with paint, pens glue and gloop. 

The children love playing with the puppet stage and shopping areas and we really encourage imaginative and role play, as this helps broaden their horizons and gets them ready for their next adventures.

Penguin room have their own garden space equipped with a mud kitchen, a pirate ship play space and various ride-on toys. We are always coming up with new ideas to redesign the children's outdoor space so these areas are regularly updated with new equipment. Our newest addition  is an outdoor reading space, messy play area and counting game. There are gates between the penguin and parrot gardens as we often do things as a larger group between the two rooms such as tea parties, dancing, singing and mud pie competitions.

penguin garden.jpg


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