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With role play, construction, mark-making, music and movement and many activities, your child will have fun and be engaged in learning.

Children are encouraged to be inquisitive and their relationships with friends will grow, enabling them to learn and develop the social skills needed for a smooth and enjoyable transition to primary school.

At this age, children are very inquisitive, so we have made sure the area is fully secure but offers plenty of space for them to roam freely. 

The children learn routines in this room that will help them on their next exciting adventure. We have tables set up as there may be in a classroom, work with children on sitting still, putting on their coat and shoes and remembering their belongings. 

The Parrot garden is full of exciting spaces for our pre-schoolers. We have a large trim trail inspired by the Gruffalo, slides and tunnels and lots of ride on toys. Our newest addition to the garden area is the Phoenix bus. The children love imaginative play and create all sorts in our state of the art mud kitchen complete with hobs, microwave and sink. 

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