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Our open-plan and homely sleeping area allows for children to rest with full supervision at all times, and we have a dedicated kitchen for the preparation of bottles and weaning foods.

There is a focus on the primary areas of learning, encouraging communication, language and physical development as children start to find their feet and are able to explore and grow in confidence. Regular access to our garden is always exciting!

Every child is introduced to their key person, who ensures a feeling of security and reassurance. We work closely with you to ensure your child’s routine is followed and that they are secure and happy here.

Garden time and outside play is so important for children's early development. This is why we ensure that each room has it's own age appropriate garden area. We spend a lot of time refurnishing and redesigning the garden spaces every season to ensure that it is always a fun, safe and exciting place for the children to visit. Our baby garden now has a brand new jungle gym with two slides, a sensory den with switches, lights and locks for everyone to explore and a new sand pit. 

The children love exploring the outside and we pride ourselves on our outdoor spaces. 

We regularly go outside, come rain or shine and let the children explore the space as they wish. We also hold tea outside if it is warm and run activities such as messy play, painting and stamping. 

Baby Garden 2020.JPG


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