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Our walkers room has everything a little one needs to excel and enjoy. The sleep area packs away to allow children 100% use of the space on offer. 

The staff focus on encouraging gross and fine motor skills, communication and relationship building. 

Puffin and Puffling rooms have a joint garden that is separate from the penguins garden, this ensures all toys and equipment are age appropriate and perfect for our littlest ones.

Each child has their own key person who ensures that the child feels secure at nursery and is able to build up a trusting relationship with a staff member. All the artwork displays in Puffin room are created by the children and are changed regularly to keep the area, fun, exciting and full of colour.

Garden time and outside play is so important for children's early development. This is why we ensure that each room has it's own age appropriate garden area. We spend a lot of time refurnishing and redesigning the garden spaces every season to ensure that it is always a fun, safe and exciting place for the children to visit. Our baby garden now has a brand new jungle gym with two slides, a sensory den with switches, lights and locks for everyone to explore and a new sand pit. 

The children love exploring the outside and we pride ourselves on our outdoor spaces. 

We regularly go outside, come rain or shine and let the children explore the space as they wish. We also hold tea outside if it is warm and run activities such as messy play, painting and stamping. 

Baby Garden 2020.JPG


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