Puffin Room 3-24 months

Two open plan and spacious areas for babies and toddlers to explore.  We have a wide range of age appropriate toys that are continually rotated to keep your baby interested and stimulated.

Activities include sand and water play, mark-making and finger painting, nursery rhymes, story time and much more.

Our sleep area is open plan to ensure full supervision at all times.

Babies and children coming to the nursery settle quickly as they learn to place their trust in our caring staff, make new friends and enjoy a fun and stimulating day.

Penguin Room 2-3 years

A creative environment for your toddler to explore and build on their independence. Lots of activities are offered to stimulate your child’s imagination and creativity such as role play, singing, story time and messy play.

During their time in this room children enjoy forming new friendships and learning how to care for themselves and others around them.

We fully support the toilet training process, instigated at your request.

Parrot Room 3-5 years


An active and fulfilling room for your pre-schooler to build on future skills, confidence and independence.
Many different areas of learning and development are focused on and tailored to the learning needs of each individual child e.g. communication skills, literacy and numeracy, problem solving and their understanding of the world around them.

During their time in this room, children learn and develop the social skills to ensure a smooth transition to school.

Nappy Change Area

An area decorated with motifs, lights and mirrors to entertain your baby and stimulate their senses.

Our nappy change and sleep areas are both open plan so your child is never unsupervised.

Learning Resources Room

A cosy room where small groups of children of all ages can come together to enjoy instruments, rhymes, puppets, books and puzzles.


A large garden where children can enjoy fresh air and outdoor activities. We have a separate enclosed garden for babies and toddlers to explore.

We are proud of the amount of outdoor space that we have and the areas are used extensively all year round, providing fresh air and physical stimulation.

Our annual summer fun day is held in our garden and is always a very popular event with parents and children alike.